CARDIONYX will change the lives of more than 5 million people globally, providing improved quality of life and increased life expectancy to patients suffering from moderate to severe Heart Failure.

CARDIONYX brings an easy solution for most of the unmet market needs by offering an unprecedented attractive alternative to the only two existing solutions.

CARDIONYX aims to increase the quality of life and chance of survival of patients who suffer from Heart Failure, through the use of cutting edge technologies. CARDIONYX Ventricular Assist Device does not require open-heart surgery to be installed and has a treatment cost calculated to be 10X lower than current technologies.

Combining physicians who deal with the everyday realities of cardiac patients with a capable technical and business team, fundamental problems are creatively tackled to create ground-breaking solutions.

Established in 2018, CARDIONYX highlights its innovative Ventricular Assist Device and promises to release the medical ecosystem from open-heart surgery when considering the implantation of a Heart Assist Device.

Applying over one million US dollars of academic research results, CARDIONYX presents for the first time its smart, catheter-based, cost-effective, and durable solution, which reduces significantly the risk of blood damage and clot formation. The CARDIONYX-VAD has a unique, proprietary algorithm, which provides real-time feedback to its software by continuous analysis of in-heart parameters; This unique feature allows live and automatic auto-regulation between the CARDIONYX system and body requirements.

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