CARDIONYX HEART SCIENCE LTD Will change the lives of millions by providing available to all – Next generation Cardiovascular support without heart surgery

Cardionyx presents the first AI powered Ventricular Assist Device platform and highlights its user-friendly interphase for both, patients and healthcare givers.

Combining physicians who deal with the everyday realities of cardiac patients with a capable technical and business team, fundamental problems are creatively tackled to create ground-breaking solutions.

Established in 2018, CARDIONYX HEART SCIENCE LTD launches its innovative Ventricular Assist Device and promises to release the medical ecosystem from open-heart surgery when considering the implantation of a Heart Assist Device.

Applying over one million US dollars of academic research results, CARDIONYX presents for the first time its breakthrough Patent-Pending AI based technology materializing a high-tech dream within reach of all.



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